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Powerful tool to find, download, and install outdated or missing drivers

Device drivers are essential computer programs that allow your computer to interact with all the devices attached to it. Snappy Driver Installer is also an essential open-source tool that will help you to keep all the drivers on your computer constantly updated and to locate, download, and install any driver missing from your PC due to a system failure or a clean Windows installation.

The program opens a clear interface that is both easy to read and navigate. Its oversize fonts help you move around the list of missing or outdated driver packages in a comfortable way, and only if you want to know every detail about a specific driver, you’ll have to strain your eyes to read the overwhelming amount of information provided.

The program will detect which drivers your computer needs and will offer to download all the packages that will enhance your PC’s interaction with all its peripherals or strictly those that your computer does need. This is one of the features that make Snappy Driver Installer stand out from most of its competitors, as not many similar tools offer technicians the possibility of choosing among various drivers for the installed peripherals. Once downloaded, all packages are neatly listed on the program’s main window, and you can inspect their contents easily just by selecting any of them. As said, comprehensive technical information about each program is also available just be hovering on a driver with your mouse.

If you select the “Expert mode”, Snappy Driver Installer will offer you some useful extra features and options. Thus, you will be allowed to read the program’s logs, extract a specific driver package on the location of your choice, select a folder where to store all your drivers, etc. Besides, you can customize the way the drivers are listed within the driver packs downloaded – you can tell the program to show those that are not installed, those that are newer or older than the ones your PC has installed, those that are a better or a worse match to those installed, etc. You can combine these preferences with those in the Options window to customize the tool’s appearance to fit your needs best.

Snappy Driver Installer is open source and therefore completely free. It is constantly improved by its developers and by those wanting to contribute to enhancing the program’s usability, functionality, and reliability. You can download and install a “lite version”, which will use your Internet connection to download all the driver packs required or a bulkier “full version” that includes all the packages in the program’s driver database, which will allow you to use its powerful functionality offline.

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  • Clear and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Locates all outdated or missing drivers in a snap
  • Helps you select the drivers your computer needs
  • Provides extremely detailed information about each driver
  • Can be used from a external disk or USB storage device


  • No drawbacks found
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